Travelling with babies - it can be done!

Posted on 06 October 2016

The thought of taking a newborn baby on holidays is enough to send sheer terror through most new mums, let alone the idea of the plane trip required to get there.

The preparation seems insurmountable and visions of desperate attempts to sooth your screaming baby as fellow passengers send daggers your way can be enough of a deterrent, preventing you from even bothering to try.

And of those who have taken the plunge, well most have had their fair share of disasters – from mid-flight poo explosions and vomit bugs to forgetting key essentials once you reach your destination.

But according to Nicola Burke from JetLag & Mayhem it is possible to take a newborn travelling – and have a good time – despite having had her own share of disasters.

“My worst travel disaster involved a 12 hour flight from London to Hong Kong with my 8 month old daughter,” she says.

“About 2 hours before the flight, I could not stop vomiting, then I spent most of the flight on the toilet floor retching my guts out!”

But it’s these disasters which taught her the lessons to make traveling with babies smooth(er) sailing.

“I look back at that flight and think if I can do that, I can do anything!”

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