It all started in 2016 – while expecting my first child - with the tiny idea of bringing a lifelong brainchild to live...

 Born and bred in Germany, I got my degree in fashion and started working in the textile industry. After over 10 years of international jobs in the business, my husband and I moved to Singapore where we enjoy the endless summer and friendliness of our new home. The more I searched for affordable clothing that wouldn’t harm the sensitive skin of my newborn child, the more I understood about conventional cotton farming and it’s dangerous impact on earth and society. I got convinced of the idea that babies deserve something better - and that safe, non-toxic, organic products should be available and affordable for everyone.




 Our Footprint

We all leave our footprint on the earth. At Tiny Seedling Organics we totally understand that sometimes your life as a parent is crazy busy. Maybe too busy to think about the sustainability of your buying decisions. By supporting ethical brands, we help you to make this conscious decision in a way where you don't have read the fine print. We did that for you.



All our clothing is certified organic from seed and harvest, to processing and manufacturing. Most of the brands we stock are GOTS certified, which is the strictest certification for organic materials on the market today. We offer clothing that stays in shape and wearable, wash after wash.




Tiny Seedling Organics offers the highest quality of European organic baby wear. A handpicked selection of baby clothing, accessories and toys. We showcase a mix of simple and casual essentials and colorful fun fashion items. Mix and match to create a new look everyday for your little one!



All our products are developed with your baby in mind, because we know: getting them dressed isn’t always the simplest job. We put much emphasis on offering smart designs with buttons, comfortable necklines and seams. These won't irritate sensitive skin and make life more comfortable - for you and your baby!




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